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Housing Initiative

In Northeast Ohio, the availability of housing for adults with mental health diagnoses is difficult to find.  Also, many of the available locations do not offer the life-skills training and support that these individuals require to be successful. 


Joy’s house of Love is in the process of securing the location for the housing initiative and completing the setup of the facility.  

Training Programs

Through the Housing Program of Joy’s House of Love, our aim is for our clients to learn to live independently while continuing to learn useful skills, such as:

  • How to Budget

  • How to Build Good Credit

  • How to Secure and Maintain a Job/Career

  • How to Enroll in Secondary Education

  • Mental Health Course: Mood Disorders Among Young Adults, Prevention and Treatment

  • Physical Health Course: Prevention of Risks Related to Sexual Behavior

  • Healthcare: Medicaid Enrollment and Knowing Your Rights

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Hot Meal

Health, Nutrition & Transportation

We support our clients by connecting them to resources, preparing them healthy meals, and providing them with transportation to/from appointments.

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